MIRA Online – Regional Accelerator

Action shots from  MIRA 2019

In 2020 we are virtual and online!

MIRA Online Accelerator 2020 is a pre-accelerator intended to help businesses already in or looking to enter the METS sector to improve their unique value proposition and accelerate commercial outcomes. These include building resilience, increasing competitiveness, gaining traction in the market with their solutions through customer validation, establish robust and sustainable businesses in these challenging times and make valuable connections with mentors and industry.



We are inviting innovators, SMEs, Scaleup or Startups to take part weekly in the program. MIRA Darling Downs will focus on the key elements of identifying and addressing business capability gaps, as well as less formal coaching and mentoring from qualified and experienced partners from industry and subject matter experts.

We have introduced a component to the program for Mining & related industry innovators looking to validate and test their ideas and new business models to build resilience and sustainability in these challenging times.


The video above is from 2019 MIRA Darling Downs

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If you are interested in applying for the METS Innovation Regional Accelerator – Darling Downs, but have some questions you want answered first please contact David Masefield Program Manager 0422 590 552 or our Program Facilitator, Joy Taylor 0407 584 987

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MIRA Darling Downs is a mentor driven accelerator designed to impart lean skills in startup methodology, innovation, resilience, sustainability and specifically, to give you access to brilliant industry mentors, subject matter experts and connections that can help greatly on your venture.


37 years experience in both big & small Oil Field Services companies including working on rigs, establishing new geomarkets, R&D teams establishing new new technologies and capabilities. Currently Chief Technology Officer at Qteq developing & commercialising new Tech across Energy, Mining and Water.


Over 11 years experience in local and international Oil & Gas industries in equipment, supervision, resources, supply chain management. Currently as Area Manager of Operations for Qteq based in Toowoomba. Jeremy has a keen eye for business improvement, operational efficiency and managerial skills to tackle the challenges faced by companies undergoing exponential growth.


Head of Innovation & Growth at Schneider Electric, Angela helps accelerate growth in a sustainable and profitable way by looking into strategic priorities and empowering communities to co-create the future. Co-founder at “Innovation Leaders Network” where innovation leaders share their best practices, methodologies & experiences. 


Managing Director of IP Active Dallas Gibb helps CEO’s, management boards and program managers identify, review and manage their intellectual property (IP) and to better understanding the value of their R&D investments and how to improved commercialisation strategies and partner investment. I help people get a clear understanding of the IP assets they have or plan to develop.


Director at Fusidium, an independent consulting company servicing the Life Sciences industry in Australia and globally. Decades of experience in commecialisation of technical products. Business Development, R&D Tax Incentives, Strategic Planning, Regulatory Affairs and Quality Management. 5 yrs experience with the Entrepreneurs’ Programme as a commecialisation Advisor.


Currently with Arrow Energy,  Prashant has 28 Years experience in the design of energy systems (includes 7 years in Japan around design and technology development), He is looking forward to mentoring participants in the development and improvement of new technology in a cost-effective manner. He has significant experience comparing different technology options, technical risk identification & review.


Paul is the GM, Innovation & Stakeholder Engagement (east coast) with National Energy Resources Australia. Paul works to grow collaboration and innovation to assist the energy resources industry manage cost structures and productivity, direct research to industry needs, deliver the future work skills required and enjoys achieving positive change through strategy, innovation and collaboration.


Joy is a passionate accelerator program facilitator who works tirelessly to help entrepreneurs build their Skills, Behaviors and Connections. As well as developing & delivering quality program content used across Australia & the world Joy has a global network of connections for participants to leverage and access to accelerator programs around the world via her role a Global Startup Weekend Faciitator. 


25 years experience in management and business analysis experience across Australia, SE Asia and the Middle East AND he is a Startup Founder (Quick Safety) with experience in gaining connections to and traction within the METS industries. Additional specialties 
include Budgeting & Forecasting, Dashboards, Data Analysis, Problem Solving, Profitability Monitoring Systems, Engineering & Mining


As the Director of Startups Marc is responsible for creating a vibrant and dynamic program with BDO specifically for late stage startups/early stage scale ups who are looking to create a globally successful business. His vision for BDO is for it to become the accounting firm that startups wished they had by helping founders successfully scale their business towards a $100m+ exit.


Gary is a Research Engineer at USQ’s Centre for Future Materials. He has started and built up a number of successful businesses in the building industry. He also has received innovation awards for building equipment and developed and project managed industrial building projects. This experience has taught him a lot that he can draw on to help guide MIRA participants.


Gregory is the Senior Advisor, Innovation, Commercialisation and New Venture Creation with GHD Digital. Greg has 20 years’ experience in providing innovators, the research sector, and startups with commercialisation advice and strategies to take their ideas to market. He can assist participants with commercialization advice, preparing and delivering pitch presentations.


Anthony Holzwart from Austmine delivers Supply Chain projects nationally in the mining, oil & gas sectors. These projects focus on creating more strategic relationships between major customers and their small to medium suppliers. Anthony can assist in understanding and interpreting the needs and requirements of major buyers and communicating your capability in a compeling manner.


David is a keen advocate for Lean Startup and Customer Validation. He is the founder of Startup Toowoomba, President at Canvas Coworking Inc. and operates an ecommerce business in the steel building industry where he likes to create and sell innovative new products that protect people, homes and sheds from ember attack during bushfires.


Senior lecturer in Geotechnical Engineering at the USQ School of Civil Engineering and Surveying. Ali works in the fields of Geomechanics covering a wide range of applications in Civil and Mining Rock. Ali is currently at the Centre for Future Material at the
focusing on cutting edge research studies in the field of Geotechnical Engineering in collaboration with industry

Designed to drive the next wave of innovative growth within the resources sectors, MIRA Darling Downs is powered by Orior Jam / Startup Toowoomba and will support the development of all aspects of your unique value proposition, new business model and innovation strategy. It will equip you with the skills and capabilities to develop your ideas, gain new opportunities, and grow your business and find sustainability and resilience during these challenging times.

MIRA Darling Downs is a pre-accelerator intended to help these businesses improve and accelerate their commercial outcomes including increasing competitiveness, gaining traction in the market with their solutions and establishing robust and sustainable businesses.

MIRA Darling Downs is a way that you can test the transfer of your parallel technology from one industry like Agriculture, Farming, Energy & Resources, Water, Transport and Logistics into the Mining sector. Break out of your box! Test it within METS.

MIRA Darling Downs connects entrepreneurs with companies in the mining, METS and energy resources sectors to identify mentors, and the potential for product and services trials.


Past participants in MIRA were asked if they would recommend this program to other businesses and why?
Here’s a couple of the responses!

It’s a good opportunity to step outside the day to day operations of your business and look at your ideas through a different prism.

Yes, very much so. Because, I found it to be a fantastic environment to help take your product to the next level. Brilliant facilitators and a well structured learning program that forces you to look at your business with different lenses.

Yes. The refinement of the approach to marketing and the fine tuning of the pitch was invaluable.

When asked about their key learning, participants said among other things…

It has given me the opportunity to reflect on my own business, kind of a health check? For what Lex and I are doing together, it has helped us to consider the different aspects of collaborating. Legals, exit plans etc.

The Value Proposition template was a huge asset in helping articulate what our product does for customers.

The importance of having polished pitches of appropriate duration polished for a range of potential / existing clients and stakeholders. Having a Unique Value Proposition – what differentiates us from the competition.



If you still have questions contact David on 0422 590 552


Early March 2020 – mid April – MIRA applications are open – Apply Now!
March 2020 – Information Sessions via Zoom & Regional Road Show
April 14th 2020 – MIRA six-week program starts – Tuesday Mornings (online delivery via ZOOM)
April 17th 2020 – MIRA six weekly check in’s with facilitator on Fridays via ZOOM
May 26th 2020 – To be c onfirmed – MIRA program concludes with the Demo day presentation.


The team from Startup Toowoomba have delivered numerous pre-accelerator programs over the past four years throughout Queensland and internationally, and are well positioned to provide this program with support of numerous companies in the METS sector located within Southern Queensland, METS Ignited Australia and the Queensland Government.