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What is a Startup?

A Startup is a human institution created to find a sustainable business model in conditions of extreme uncertainty. Startup is about the search for a sustainable model that is scalable, repeatable and profitable.

The validation of ideas and in depth customer development are key to new innovative business model creation. Startup is a road map to innovation. Startup Toowoomba can help you when it comes to Starting Up or internal company innovation.

Why Startup Toowoomba?

Startup Toowoomba is an organisation purposefully created to boost innovation on the Darling Downs. We run a variety of events, workshops and mentoring activities to support Startups and Entrepreneurs. We exist to coach, mentor and connect people with great ideas to a national and international network of investors and opportunities.

We believe in the potential… for change, for new ideas, for your success to make a difference on a national and global stage. Startup Toowoomba can help you achieve more, faster through its events, activities and through workshops and mentoring, either 1 on 1 or with your internal or external innovation team.

What we believe?

Innovation through collaboration: by forming and supporting collaboration, innovation is unlimited.

Open and inclusive participation: by encouraging open participation and removing traditional barriers true potential can be realised.

Community focus: by forming and supporting a grassroots entrepreneurial community on the Darling Downs, we can create new markets and improve the way we do business … any business.

Continuous improvement: by embracing Lean Startup principles, Startup Toowoomba will be adaptive, responsive and meaningful to our supporters and their ideas.

Sustainable future: by ensuring sustainable economic, environmental, social and cultural outcomes we will offer more to our community, society and environment; locally and globally.

Joie de Vivre: by always remember that our core business is to support and celebrate human potential and spirit we can achieve joy through collaboration, community, inclusiveness and improvement.

Our Supporters

We value the collaboration with these supportive  partners

Contact David if you would like to explore a collaborative partnership with Startup Toowoomba or the Canvas Coworking Space.

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